About TanyaFitness.com

Hey Everyone,
Thanks so much for stopping by my site.  Let me tell you a bit about myself…I was born in Sydney, Australia and my family moved to America when I was a teenager.  I currently now reside in Southern California.
Since I was an early teen, I have always had a passion for overall fitness, specifically weight training and nutrition.
While attending college at The Culinary Institute of America from 2001-2005, I trained at World’s Gym and there was a big bodybuilding culture within that gym.  Throughout the years I was consistent with training and nutrition, and slowly but surely I was transforming my physique, it truly is an ongoing life project. During my years in college, I was encouraged to enter my first bodybuilding competition (Figure class) when I was 21 years old.  I won my class and the overall which motivated me to train even harder.  I have competed several times in women’s physique, qualifying for National level shows, however, I personally have zero desire to step on stage again.  Throughout the years I was consistent with training and nutrition.  It’s a lifestyle choice, I couldn’t imagine my life without training, it provides me with many positive elements. I have made several improvements with my physique over the years with consistency and dedication, and I will continue to do so. I appreciate you, my fans, for your continued support while following my journey.